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Project Name: Implementation of Community-based Programming for Protection and Solutions in 3 PARRs of Herat.
Aim of project: Aims to pursue common community-based protection goals for the benefit of refugee, displaced, returnee populations as well as affected host communities in three PARRs in Herat and three PARRs in Ghor, Farah and Badghis provinces.
The Project activities are part of strategy for creating conducive conditions for the sustainable reintegration through strengthened essential services and facilities in Priority Areas of Return and Reintegration (PARRs) while fostering social cohesion.
Aims to reduce vulnerabilities, enhance protection and reinforce the resilience of the populations of concern to cope with the effects of the current crisis, through:
  • Support to livelihood/income generation
  • Monitoring of cash for shelter project
  • Monitoring of construction projects like (schools, clinic and business center)
Sector: Livelihood Sector
Doner Agency: UNHCR
Project Location: Herat
Project Stutas: Ongoing
Year started: 2021
Duration: 12 month
Currency: AFN
Budget: 64,824,959.00






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