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Project Name: Emergency Food And Hygiene Assistance To Covid-19-affected Households.
Overall Objective: To meet immediate food and hygiene needs of vulnerable populations, affected by Covid-19, in Herat and Daikundi provinces
Improved access to food to reduce food insecurity of vulnerable children, their families and farming households through immediate in-kind food assistance, hygiene and agricultural kits, while mitigating transmission and thus the impact of COVID-19 through distributing hygiene kits and delivering hygiene promotion trainings.
Sector: Emergency /Food &Wash
Doner Agency: DKH
Project Location: Herat-Daykondy
Project Stutas: Ongoing
Year started: 2021
Duration: 7 month
Currency: USD
Budget: 452943

Project Name: Integrated WASH and Community Based Disaster Risk Management Project in 9 target communities of Khedir district, Daykundi Province.
Overall Objective: To build resilience against flood, drought, animal and agriculture diseases and avalanche hazards through a CBDRM approach in 9 selected communities of Khedir district of Daykundi Province in Afghanistan
To improve the coping capacities and reduce disaster risk of target communities through establishment of CBDRM committees, task force groups, construction of springs, water dividers and latrines.
To improve Water, Hygiene and Sanitation situation of targeted communities through training, capacity building at community and school levels and improving access to drinking water, WASH facilities, agriculture productions.
Sector: DRR/WASH
Doner Agency: DKH
Project Location: Daykondy
Project Stutas: Completed
Year started: 2020
Duration: 12 month
Currency: EURO
Budget: 250000

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