$ / $ raised Paktikav Province, Afghanistan


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Project Name: Provision of earthquake-resilient homes for 1,000 families in Barmal District, Paktika Province
The project’s key objectives include:
Constructing 2,000 permanent shelter for the families whose houses have been destroyed in southeast region (Paktika province) due to recent earthquake.
Shelter program designed for 6 month duration including planning, implementation and closure of project and the targeted population in Barmal and Giyan districts of Paktika province. Through this program, it is needed to do the shelter construction activities in frame of emergency to be completed in targeted districts for all 2,000 eligible households.
Sector: Construction Sector
Doner Agency: UNHCR
Project Location: Paktika
Project Stutas: Ongoing
Year started: 2022
Duration: 6 month
Currency: AFN
Budget: 740,053,868.89


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