• ahdaa
  • January 10, 2022

To identify and develop the capabilities of peoples within communities; prioritize their social, economic, and cultural needs and to take collective action within the context of the available resources of national and international goals; to satisfy those needs through self-help and partnership with both government and non government organizations.

Mitigating national and household level poverty and improving the life of the poor and vulnerable rural and urban population. Essentially a multi Sector-ed community empowerment program embracing all age groups and gender.

Promotion of growth and independence by strengthening the economic base of rural and urban low income areas, promotion of sustained income-generation activities, diversification of light of economic resources. These simultaneously are believed to increase community investment and hence reduce vulnerability and dependency Light.

Contribute and participate in the mitigation of humanitarian emergencies owing to occurrences like war, displacement, and depletion of assets, natural disasters like drought, flood, disease, earthquakes, and landslides.

Contribute to the improvement of vulnerable livelihoods through implementation of quick and long-term impact development projects.

To lobby from national, international or other donors humanitarian and development agencies, financial, material or otherwise, resources for purposes of offering a beneficial assistance to vulnerable populations, as well as strengthening linkages with organizations and groups that will provide the fulcrum for change in the areas of peace and development.

To support and contribute to the building, rehabilitation and upgrading of the country’s badly damaged social and economic infrastructures.

To initiate, establish and support rural empowerment schemes and systems through activities as; income generation, establishment, establishment of disaster committees and training of village shuras on awareness, management, conflict resolution, and etc. This generally is targeted on local level capacity building aimed reducing the perceived state of powerlessness by citizens and dependency on external intervention to solve their problems.

To enhance the development of skills and techniques by providing support to the local industry in the use of indigenous materials and instruments and training on the maximum use of the available local resources,

To support all kinds of emergency, Humanitarian, Gender and development programs that may accrue of the community gain.

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