• ahdaa
  • October 10, 2018

Agency for Humanitarian and Development Assistance for Afghanistan (AHDAA) was established by broad-minded Afghans on 29th /March/ 1996. The organization was then registered with representative office of the ministry of foreign affairs in Herat on 16th August 1996.It was also registered with the UNOCHA office in Islamabad and on 5th June, 2000 registration was concluded with the ministry of planning in Kabul.

Recently AHDAA registered to ministry of Economic through registration number 376.

AHDAA is a non-profit making development and charitable organization working exclusively for the welfare, development and the realization of good livelihood among the Afghan poor and vulnerable groups. AHDAA is non-governmental and non-political or related to such organizations. AHDAA has attracted both national and international resources to develop and rehabilitate the country.

AHDAA has implemented a total number of 76 projects since its establishment and is proud to say that all the communities which AHDAA has worked with are extremely satisfied with the implementation of projects. AHDAA is focused on sustainability of the projects and eradicating poverty.

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