• ahdaa
  • October 10, 2018

Carry intersect oral needs assessments for the purposes of identifying key priority areas. This information will be used to lobby for assistance, plan and design projects via fundraising.

Carry out community awareness programs through provision of training by organizing short courses and workshops

Construction, renovations of social and economic infrastructure like hospitals, clinics, schools, roads, bridges, Karizes, wells, canals, streams, sewerage and other water systems.

Provision of agricultural subsidies to farmers through provision of farm power, fertilizers, improved seeds, agricultural livestock’s training and veterinary services.

Conduct workshops, seminars and give talks on development issues at various communities such as the established Development Shuras, disaster management committees and rural development approach.

To support and train a wide range of community empowerment schemes such as cash crop cultivation, animal rearing, light manufacturing such as carpet weaving, tailoring, Animal husbandry and other income generating activities.

Distribution of emergency food and other non-food items to the affected communities due to the natural and unnatural disasters.

Provide Communities with hygiene education as well as conducting hygiene promotion campaigns. This is meant to increase people’s knowledge and awareness of better hygiene practices and hence.

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